Updated 12/11/2017

A new program has been added to the curriculum at Martin Methodist College. Beginning  January 2018, the Teacher Assistant to Teacher Licensure Program will be offered.

The program meets one of Tennessee’s primary work force development needs and creates a flexible option for current teacher assistants to take classes taught by Martin Methodist instructors within their own counties.

Teacher assistants currently holding an Associate degree will be eligible immediately to begin the lock-step, five semester program at Martin Methodist, and those without Associate degrees will have the choice to take the first two years at Martin Methodist or at another institution.   

This program is both accessible and affordable, with numerous financial aid opportunities available. As a wonderful byproduct, upon completion, the teacher assistant who becomes a licensed teacher will triple their salaries.

 “The paraprofessional initiative at MMC has the potential to be a win-win for both the local school system and their employees,” said Education Professor Dr. Grace Meier. “It is an opportunity for the school system to ‘grow their own’ while providing their employees with an affordable opportunity to advance in their career and financial position.”

 “This unique program represents such an important collaboration between the college and the public schools of our local service area,” said Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Judy Cheatham. “Working together, we are able to educate our own fellow citizens, increase the bottom line in terms of economic growth not only for individuals but for our area, and help serve our children better as we graduate more ‘highly qualified’ teachers. I applaud our colleagues in the public schools as they help us make this opportunity available to men and women who already, through their work as teacher assistants, have committed their lives to help teach children.” 

For more information about the program, Martin Methodist College will hold sessions Dec. 12 and Jan. 3, both at 5 p.m., on campus in Colonial Hall. For inquiries or to register, call Claire Paul at 424-2044.