Published: February 22, 2021

With travel remaining difficult in a few isolated portions of the county, LCSS will operate on a 2 Hour Delay for Tuesday, February 23, 2021. This delay will provide Student Transportation Services the opportunity to assess areas that may be slippery due to melting ice, snow, and low water bridges that may have risen due to melting ice and snow.
*For the remainder of the week, February 23-26, 2021, LCSS will be in-person for PreK-8 and Hybrid A Tuesday/Wednesday and Hybrid B Thursday/Friday for grades 9-12. No Remote Wednesday.
**LCSS hopes an early announcement provides parents adequate time to arrange for childcare and other arrangements.
***All 11 and 12 month employees will report at normal operating hours on February 23, 2021. If unable to make it to work, employees should contact their immediate supervisor.