The investigation into a fatal car crash involving country singer Kylie Rae Harris is now complete. 

Harris is revealed to have died from blunt force trauma as a result of the high-speed accident, which took place on September 4th in New Mexico and also resulted in the death of 16-year-old Maria Elena Cruz.

Additionally, toxicology tests concluded that Harris had a blood-alcohol concentration of .28 more than three times the legal limit when she struck an oncoming vehicle driven by Cruz. The Taos County Sheriff's Office confirmed Thursday that Harris was speeding at 102 miles per hour when she hit the rear of one vehicle before careening into Cruz's vehicle at 95 miles per hour. Both Harris and Cruz were pronounced dead at the scene, while the third driver escaped injury. 

The New Mexico Office of the Medical Investigator stated in the autopsy report that Harris suffered abrasions on her face and legs as well as several fractured bones.

A postmortem CT scan showed multiple broken skull bones, an abnormal collection of air in the skull, bleeding within the brain and a broken neck. The breastbone, multiple ribs and the pelvis were also broken. 
(In 2017, Harris was convicted of driving while intoxicated and ordered to install an ignition interlock device on her vehicle. Three years prior, she reportedly received a speeding citation.)