"The Hunt", a film that features singer-songwriter Sturgill Simpson, will be released after all. The satirical thriller will now come out via Universal Pictures on March 13th.

The story line depicts a group of wealthy liberal elites who track down and hunt conservative and less privileged human prey for sport, referring to their "red state" targets as "deplorables" and the President (who is never named as Donald Trump) as "our ratf---er-in-chief."

The film received overwhelming criticism following the release of its trailer in July of 2019, and the planned September release date was canceled due to criticism of its subject matter in the wake of three mass shootings that summer, in Gilroy, Calif. (July 28), El Paso, Texas (Aug. 3) and Dayton, Ohio (Aug. 4.)

Now, producer Jason Blum and co-writer Damon Lindelof believe that the right time has come for audiences to finally see the film. They believe "The Hunt" has been mis-characterized as a "dangerous" movie or one likely to incite violence, and that the mischaracterization comes from the simple fact that people reacted to the movie before they'd even seen it.