Fans were so eager to see Garth Brooks and wife Trisha Yearwood together in a Facebook Live concert Monday night that the overloaded site crashed again and again. And again.

3.4 million viewers tuned in to see the husband-and-wife team give an emotional, soulful "Inside Studio G" concert.

"We're all in this together," Brooks said, after tearfully watching Yearwood sing "Amazing Grace."

Some high points of the hour-long home concert:

This was down-home casual. Brooks sported scruffy facial hair, a cap and a Detroit Mercy Lacrosse hoodie sweatshirt while Yearwood wore a Nashville Predators hockey shirt and occasionally threw on her reading glasses. At one point between songs, Yearwood reached over and removed some "fuzz" from her husband's beard.

Brooks made it clear he's been suffering from cabin fever as the national call to stay at home continues. After one guitar riff, a smiling Brooks declared, "I need this worse than anybody."

There's a silver lining to being at home.

Garth said, "You get to play your guitar walking around your home because – got nothing to do."

Brooks called out for requests and his legion of fans obliged, some 50,000 requests, most far out of the usual songbook. "Whiskey To Wine" and "Thicker Than Blood" ruled, but the duo took on George Jones and Tammy Wynette's "Golden Rings" and the Bradley Cooper/Lady Gaga song "Shallow." They cracked up at parts, but nailed the "Shallow" harmony.

They followed that up with a perfectly suited version of Ed Sheeran's "Perfect." Songs like "Hallelujah" and Yearwood's vocals "Amazing Grace" took on deeper meaning.

Even Garth was visibly surprised when Trisha Yearwood asked to take his guitar out for a spin.

"I wanna play. Do not panic," she said, helping the instrument from her husband's neck.

Garth replied, "I've never seen you play."

"You'll see why I quit playing," she said. "Just love me. This is all about community, it's not about being perfect."

Yearwood then performed Linda Rondstadt's "Long, Long Time" that had Brooks (again) getting tearful.

-- Garth started the concert not quite sure if his guitar-playing fingers could take a half-hour concert. At the end of an hour, he had to be told by his off-camera handlers that the two were close to going on beyond the booked time.

The two said goodnight with Brooks' parting words. "Everyone love one another."