Asleep at the Wheel’s Ray Benson has tested positive for COVID-19. The leader of the Texas-based band alerted fans via Facebook of his diagnosis but says he remains optimistic.

He said,  “Hoping for the best don't have the usual symptoms but feel tired head ache no fever no cough!! I'll be ok sure do miss playin music and seein everyone!”
He went on to stress to fans that the coronavirus is “serious.” While Benson says he’s been alone for most of the time he’s had it and wore a mask and washed hands frequently, he still contracted the coronavirus.

Benson is one of several country artists who have contracted the coronavirus. John Prine’s family revealed he had symptoms and had been in the hospital several days as of Sunday; his wife let fans know Monday afternoon that Prine is now "stable," while newcomer Kalie Shorr also shared on Twitter that she contracted it.