Updated 08/09/2017

A local elderly couple is out two thousand dollars because of scammers, says Giles County Sheriff Kyle Helton.

Through a phone call, the couple was told their granddaughter had been in a bad car wreck in Miami, and she needed the money to deal with the rental car company. The couple was told to send a two thousand dollar gift card.

"They fell for it," Helton said. The scammers called back then and wanted four thousand dollars more. This time, the couple called the Sheriff's Office.

In a heartfelt plea, Sheriff Helton encourages victims of scams to call law enforcement before sending any money. He also suggests to hang up the phone immediately and call the family member who is said to need the money.

Don't fall victim to these evil predators who swarm like vultures over our elderly, Helton says. They are using every angle in the book to scam you out of your money. They play upon the emotions especially of the elderly and the Sheriff wants to protect the victims.

Whether you are elderly or younger, do not send money to someone you don't know. If you get a phone call requesting money, hang up and call law enforcement.