Updated 8/10/2017

Weather may have factored into the cause of vehicle accidents that happened this morning.

A driver on Highway 64 East, just west of the Lincoln County line, ran off the road, struck a guard rail and came to rest on a small embankment. The driver was transported to Lincoln Regional Hospital.

An accident on Interstate 65 near the 5 mile marker sent the driver to Athens-Limestone Hospital.

A truck hydro-planed on Buford Station Road this morning but there was minor damage to the vehicle and the driver was not hurt.

Yesterday, it is thought that an older driver fell asleep at the wheel on Prospect-Elkton Road near Veto Road. She ran off the road on the north shoulder, over-corrected and ran off the other side of the road and through a fence. The vehicle came to rest in a pond.

Giles County Emergency Management Agency Director Jeremy Holley was called to investigate the possibility of contamination to the small body of water. Holley said at the scene that he did not find any massive contamination, but an official report has not been filed.

The driver was transported to Southern Tennessee Regional Hospital, Pulaski.