Updated 08/11/2017

By state law, every county in Tennessee must have a morgue, Giles County EMS Director Roy Griggs told the Ambulance Committee at a recent meeting. Griggs was explaining that the space usually used for local autopsies is no longer available.

Until recently, Giles County Medical Examiner Dr. Joe Fite performed post-exams and autopsies and bodies were stored until ready for transportation in a space in the emergency room area at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Pulaski. Griggs said the room is no longer available to be used as a morgue.

Griggs suggested to close off two bays at the EMS Main Station and to build a garage to house the ambulances.

After some discussion, District 5 Commissioner Lois Aymett made a motion to have County Attorney Chris Williams look more into the matter and the motion passed.

If it is a requirement that the county should have a morgue, the money to create one will come from the Hotel/Motel tax.