Updated 8/14/2017

Scam phone calls continue to plague Giles County, this time targeting Pulaski Electric System customers. PES has been alerted by customers who have received phone calls that show up with Pulaski Electric System on their caller ID.

These scammers are attempting to acquire your credit card information through vacation offers.

If  PES attempts to contact a customer, the caller I-D will display the number 931-363-2522, according to information from the electric utility. Any other numbers listed on the caller ID display are not valid.

For questions, call PES at 363-2522.

Also, Giles County Sheriff Kyle Helton warns against recent scam phone calls targeting the elderly. Scammers tell the listener that a family member needs money because they have had a car wreck or they are in jail or some kind of trouble. The caller will request a gift card be sent to an address.

Recently, a local elderly couple lost $2,000 through a similar scam call, saying their grandchild needed the money because of a wreck. The scammer called a second time, wanting twice the money that was already sent. This time the couple hung up and called their grandchild, who was not in a wreck and did not need any money.

Helton says to hang up and don't send any money. He suggests you call family members and ask them directly if they need the money.