Updated 8/14/2017

Flooding was a problem this weekend in Giles County, and with more rain coming our way today, authorities caution drivers to Turn Around, Don't Drown.

Four occupants had to be extracted from the vehicle they were traveling in on Garner Hollow Road Friday when it stalled in flood waters on the roadway. Members of the Giles County Swift Water Rescue Team brought the four to safety.

Another driver was brought to safety by Giles County Sheriff Kyle Helton over the weekend.

The older driver was on Highway 31 North, just above Industrial Loop, when she came to water crossing the roadway. Helton said she must have panicked, so he pulled up beside her vehicle, told her to put it in drive and drive on through. Helton stayed beside her until they drove through the water.

Giles County EMS Director Roy Griggs said ambulances were called out to several wrecks over the weekend, but no one was transported to the hospital.

We've already had a downpour this morning, and the WKSR in-studio doppler radar shows more rain coming into our county today from the southwest.

Authorities say to use caution if you have to be out on the roadways today and remember to Turn Around, Don't Drown when you come to water across the roadway.