Updated 08/15/2017

WLX is reporting that Lawrenceburg investigators are looking into a host of fraudulent uses of debit cards from a local business.

According to reports, officers were called to Community Bank of Lawrence County Friday over concern that cards had been compromised of 63 customers who had used services at Tietgen's Turbo Tunnel.  

Bank employees said they believe the use of the cards is from a hack and not a skimmer.  

According to WLX, other banks have reported similar issues, including: Lawrenceburg Federal, First Farmers and People's Bank.  

Officials with the Community Bank of Lawrence County say the disputed funds were returned to affected customers' accounts at a cost of nearly 13,000 thousand dollars.  

The Bank of Waynesboro and Community Bank of Lawrence County have blocked customers cards from being used at the merchant to prevent any further issues.  

The case remains under investigation.