Updated May 15, 2019

Several residents in Columbia are petitioning against a potential plan to reopen a landfill that sits right next to the popular Chickasaw Trace Park.

After a 16 to 6 vote to close the landfill this time last year as it neared capacity, the Health and Environment Committee recently voted to bring it up for consideration again. Maury County commissioners are expected to consider if the landfill should be expanded, similar to what was proposed last year.

 Currently, it costs the county roughly $1.5 million a year to ship waste to Marshall County. Officials said the county pays the same amount to send the trucks even though they are not always full.

Opponents say the landfill that sits right next to the park and is near the Duck River and Knob Creek is already an eyesore. They fear it would keep visitors away from the popular tourist attraction,

The meeting to vote on what to do with the landfill will be on Monday, May 20.