Updated May 15, 2019

The proposed 2019-2020 budget approved by the Giles County School board  consists of cutting positions and workforce.

A major concern for Jim Stewart and other board members is the reduction of  positions and  workforce that is included in the budget.

 Assistant Director of Schools Michael Gonzales informed the board that seven-and-a-half positions were removed from the 2019-20 budget due to decreases the school system has experienced in student enrollment.

Gonzales said the state’s BEP funding to school districts is based on student enrollment and the funding decreases as student enrollment goes down.

 Calling the process difficult, Gonzales said there would be some people laid off as part of the position cuts.

 “It is the right thing to do economical-wise,” Gonzales said. “It gets us to a balanced budget.”

 Stewart said he would rather see the board make cuts in other areas before losing any teachers.

Also the school board approved freezing all coaching supplements and continue to study and develop a comprehensive rate structure.