Updated 7-10-19

A request from the City of Pulaski to give landowners authority to use eminent domain and settle air space dispute at the end of airport runway took no action Monday by the Airport Advisory Committee.

The City and County own Abernathy Field jointly and is located south of Pulaski.

Eminent domain gives the right of a government or agents to expropriate private property for public use with payment of compensation.

City Officials say the city and county have been asked to pass a resolution that would help keep the airport open, and keep the air space free of trees.

Trees in the air space, causes takeoff problems at Abernathy Field, officials added.

Due to the issue, the state cannot close the airport, they could cut funding through grants issued to the airport.

Terry Harrison told the committee, the state has a procedure for taking matters to arbitration.

In general, the landowners are concerned they will lose use of their land, according to Pulaski Mayor Pat Ford.

 While trying to settle the air space matter, which the state and FAA want to be kept clear of trees, Harrison also suggested looking ahead long range for the airport.