Updated 7/12/19

Contract for Interim Director of Schools Vickie Beard was approved  during the Giles County Board of Education's monthly meeting.

Attorney Chuck Cagle read the two year contract to the board members and the salary approved was $119,000 a year.

Beard will be interim director until Phillip Wright, who is on medical leave, returns or the board hires a new director.

Cagle said Wright was presently receiving working compensation and the county was paying the remainder of his salary.

If Wright returns, it was agreed that Beard will be placed back in her principal position at Minor Hill School.

Cagle explained to the board they would be paying for two director of schools plus an interim principal at Minor Hill School.

The new Assistant Director of Schools Keith Stacey told the board that it was a short retirement, but he was glad to come back in this position.

Before retirement Stacey was Giles County Career Technical Education director.

Stacey replaces Dr. Michael Gonzales, who was transferred to another position in the county.

A special school committee meeting will be called to amend the budget for the additional money.

A representative from Financial Management said could be taken from the Fund Balance if approved.