Updated July 15, 2019

School bells will soon be ringing for Giles County Teachers and Students.

Teachers begin their duties on Monday, July 29th and Students report for a half-day on Thursday, August 1st with first full-day on August 5th.

Assistant Director of Schools Keith Stacey said the central office has been very busy hiring new teachers in Giles County and are continuing the process.

Randy Hamilton will be the interim principal at Minor Hill School and Dr. Casey Lewis is assistant.

Other principal and assistant principals for the 2019-2020 school year will be  Cathie White and Mark Cardin, Bridgeforth; Carol Abernathy and Lanny Rich, Elkton School; Donna Cobb, Chris Bolen and Tommy Hunter, Giles County High; Mary Britton and Jeff Riddle, Pulaski Elementary; Velma Newton and Mary Jane Pinson, Richland Elementary; Micah Landers and Scott Blair, Richland School; and Carmen Hayes and Daryll Brindley, Southside Elementary.