Updated August 13, 2019

The Tennessee Highway Patrol continues to investigate a gruesome death in Giles County where a pedestrian was run over on Highway 31 A  by three vehicles in rapid succession over the weekend.  

According to investigators, the victim, identified as Kevin Ward, was last seen leaving J.J.’s Bar on Highway 31, just north of Pulaski, around 2 a.m. Sunday. 

Authorities said none of the cars stopped and they need the public’s assistance in this case. 

According to investigators, Ward lives only a short distance away and he was walking home at the time he was hit.  

Trooper Christopher Dye said they had a witness come by and identify the person lying in the roadway, and being a good Samaritan, they checked on the individual and there was a conversation between the citizen and the victim on the roadway, and during the conversation, a vehicle came and struck the individual while they were in the road.

According to investigators, a pickup truck, believed to be a Ford F-150, ran over Ward and that was followed in rapid succession by two more vehicles, also believed to be pickup trucks. 

Dye said three cars and three drivers, someone knows exactly what happened.  THP is urging anyone with information to call them at 1-800-736-1759 or *847.