Updated August 14, 2019

Integrity Tool & Mold Incorporated has opened its first production injection molding facility in Pulaski.

The newly built 35,000-square-foot building will begin operating with five injection presses, in clamping forces of 550-1,800 tons.

Scott Rowdon, general manager of the operation, said the molding plant is in the same Pulaski industrial park as Integrity's mold making facility.

According to Rowdon, Integrity Injection Molding expects to employ 40-50 people.

Integrity Tool generated $120.5 million in sales for its fiscal year ended May 31.

Integrity Injection Molding will support the nearby Integrity Tool facility in Pulaski, he said.

Rowdon declined to say how much Integrity Tool invested in the molding plant, which is located on a 20-acre site, allowing for future expansion. The current building has room for nine injection molding machines, he added.

Integrity Injection Molding will offer quality systems, tooling support, mold flow analysis, in-house tryouts, support for research and development, design and logistics services.

Overall, Integrity Tool & Mold employs more than 750 in mold making plants in Oldcastle, Pulaski and Querétaro, Mexico.

Rowdon said, Integrity Injection Molding in Pulaski will be a production molder from day one.