Updated September 11, 2019

Giles County Commissioners will elect a representative for District 7 during Monday's meeting to fill the vacancy left when Shelly Goolsby resigned earlier this year.

Jeffrey Adams, Allen Barrett, James Harold Brooks and Vicki Coleman have notified the Giles County Executive’s office that they are candidates for the vacant District 7 county commission seat.

Other candidates may be nominated when county commissioners consider filling the vacancy.

Goolsby was re-elected to a four-year term in 2018. Her successor will serve until the next county general election.

The commissioners will also be asked to authorize the amendment of 2019-2020 Budget, Highway Capital Projects Fund and General Purpose School Fund.

Also, on Monday's agenda, is the approval of changing pay for all County Commissioners and appointed members to $40 per committee meeting they attend.

Commissioners will also be asked to authorize naming a bridge on Choate Creek Road to the Joan McGee Memorial Bridge.