Updated September 16, 2019

Retired Pulaski Public Works Director Harold Brooks was elected today (Monday) to fill the District 7 seat during the Giles County Commission meeting.

The seat was vacated by Shelly Goolsby after she resigned earlier this year.

Brooks received 15 votes from the commissioners, Allen Barrett 3 and Jeffrey Adams 1. Vicki Coleman removed her name from the list on Friday.

He will serve until the next county general election in August 2020.

Brooks was immediately sworn in as commissioner  of  District 7.

The commissioners also discussed the next county attorney and voted to send it back to the Legislative Committee for a review and decision.

According to Giles County Executive Melissa Greene county attorney's are elected every year and Attorney Chris Williams term will expire the end of September.

Henry, Henry and Underwood withdrew their names from the list on Friday. The reason was the firm thought it was best for Giles County.

In a lengthy meeting, notaries were also renewed, Chairman, Vice Chairman and Recording Secretary of each committee were selected.