Updated September 16, 2019

One week from today, autumn officially begins in Giles County.

However, summer weather decided to have an extended stay in Southern Middle Tennessee.

The lack of rainfall has noticeably dried up vegetation with brown lawns and leaves falling from the trees. Not only could that hamper the upcoming fall foliage, but also, if it stays dry, create isolated brush fires.

While the high pressure system remains strong, colder air in Canada does not have an open door to slide south.

In other words, 90s for highs are expected each day of the workweek which means 2019 inches closer to the most 90 degree days in a calendar year on record. As of Sunday, there have been 84 ninety degree days, with more to come.

Today (M will come very close to a daily record high. The forecast calls for a high of 96 in Giles County with the record holding at 98 degrees from 1927

Models are showing signs of a more significant front arriving early next week which could lower temperatures. However, long range outlooks are indicating early October may take our pattern closer to “average.”