Updated 11/13/19

Pulaski Board of Mayor and Aldermen met yesterday (Tuesday) to discuss and approve the city's agenda.
The board approved an ordinance on second reading to amend the water and sewer rate structure.
A resolution was also adopted relative to payment in lieu of taxes. The resolution was due to the Pulaski Electric System being a government entity, they are not charged property taxes, but pay a calculated amount each year to Pulaski and other communities it serves. The total amount PES will pay to all communities involved is over a million dollars. Pulaski’s monies will be added to the General fund.
Christmas Bonuses for the city employees were discussed during the noon meeting. The board voted to give all employees a check for $200 and not a choice between cash or Chamber Bucks.
According to City Recorder Terry Harrision is was easier to write a check to each employee.
The board also approved the posting for bids to purchase another Natural Gas Department truck and buy back the one that was in an accident for salvage.
Bids to purchase four new 2020 Dodge Chargers for the Pulaski Police Department were awarded to Freeland Automotive.
A parade permit was given to the Giles County Fraternal Order of Police for November 30th.