The Ardmore, Tennessee City Council held their regular monthly meeting in the council chambers earlier this month.

During the meeting, Lynn Richardson, owner of Richardson Waste Solution and Removal of Fayetteville requested a $2.00 per household raise for residential trash pickup and disposal.

Richardson told the council he has been serving Ardmore for 52 years and current residential rates are $16.00 and appear on Ardmore resident's water bill monthly.

He told the board rates in Lincoln County are $24.00 per month and the transfer fee to carry trash to the incinerator in Huntsville is $40.00 per ton.

The last raise Richardson received was in May 2015 and is requesting a raise to help cover expenses, costs and upkeep of equipment, plus insurance.

Commercial rates haven't been raised in 10 to 15 years and those rates could possibly increase $10.00 per month next year.

The board made a motion to approve the $2.00 monthly increase.