Updated 12/2/19

Ardmore Board of Mayor and Alderman agreed to pay approximately $6,354 for banners and wreathes to be mounted along streets for Christmas during the November meeting.

Also, there was no action taken on making repairs to a bridge on Stateline Road, pending review and possible action by the Town of Ardmore in Alabama.

Damage is more on the Tennessee side of the bridge, and board members did not deny the city is responsible for paying some of the repairs.

One bid of $21,000 for the repairs has been received, and Alderman Garon Hargrove told the board there was only about $12,000 in the city street fund.

Giles County Superintendent of Roads Barry Hyatt has also looked at the bridge and said the cost of repairs could rise.

If the bridge is unusable by Tennessee residents, Alderman Raymond Crabtree said Alabama residents couldn’t use it either.

In other business, board members heard from Katrina Billions, an Ardmore resident, about dogs running loose in the city.