Updated 1/13/20

Several new driving laws have gone into effect the past couple of months and state troopers believe residents have been following them.

The newest seat belt law says both front seat and backseat passengers need to be wearing their safety belts. The law is a secondary offense. That means a driver won't be pulled over for passengers not wearing their seat belts, but if they are pulled over for another reason members of law enforcement can issue a seat belt citation.

The other law is known as the anti-road rage law. Riding too long in the left lane without passing drivers in the right lane has always been considered "impeding traffic" by law enforcement. This new law sets specific limits on left lane riding.

The anti-road rage law is considered a primary offense. Meaning a driver can be pulled over simply for being caught riding in the left lane longer than 1.5 miles.

The "anti-road rage law" and "back-seat seat belt law" went into effect September 1st, but had a 60-day trial period. Enforcement officially began on November 1st, 2019.