Updated 2/12/20

The Giles County Commissioners will vote at the March county commission meeting whether to let county taxpayers vote on raising the local sales tax.

The Legislative Committee, which includes members of the commission, recently recommended sending the matter to the full commission to vote whether to add it on the August 6th County General ballot.

Half the revenue raised from the increase would go to county schools and the other half of the revenue would go to the county or to the municipality in which the tax was collected.

If approved, the county's local sales tax would rise from 9.50 to 9.75 percent or approximately 25 cents per $100 spent.

County Executive Melissa Greene reported approximately 90 percent of Giles County’s sales tax is collected and the additional quarter of a percent was used to pay for upgrades to Sam Davis Stadium over the past several years.

In a meeting last year, the city of Pulaski agreed to give $200,000 annually from its local option sale tax for the next five years to the county schools to help fund pay raises.

Greene added that revenue from the quarter percent sales tax increase can be useful to our school system down the road, but it has to get on the ballot.