Updated 2/14/20

The National Weather Service confirms an EF-0 tornado struck the Five Points area of Lawrence County on Wednesday.

According to officials, the storm measured at 85 miles per hour between 5:28 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.

Officials believe the remainder of the storm damage looked like it was caused by straight-line winds, except for the damage near the Giles and Lincoln County line, which could have also been caused by a tornado.

The National Weather Service is still surveying that area.

Rear-flank downdraft winds caused damage on Gunter Ridge Road, with estimated wind speeds measured around 90-95 mph.

Giles County Road Superintendent said today (Friday) that Gunter Smith is the only road flooded and all other signs have been removed.

Several roads in the county were covered with falling trees in the roadway due to the storms.

Hyatt said trees have been removed from roadways and his crew was working on removing the debris.