Updated 2/20/20

During the Giles County Regional Planning Commission meeting earlier this month County Executive Melissa Greene said inquiries prompted her office to look into the Land Use Management Plan.

The plan that remains in law was approved by the Giles County Commission in 2003.

Green said any proposed changes would go through the Regional Planning Commission to the Giles County Commission, which has final approval.

Under the plan, unincorporated areas of Giles County are divided into four uses: commercial, light industrial, heavy industrial and farming/agricultural and residential.

Enforcement of the plan would be through the county executive’s office.

Establishment of hazardous waste facilities, junk yards, medical waste, mining and quarrying, solid waste facilities and landfills are covered in the plan.

Those who consider the plan a form of zoning have opposed the Land Use Management Plan, fearing over-regulation of land use.