Updated 2/21/20

The Ardmore Board of Mayor and Alderman accepted a city revenue report which showed $120,508.

The top three contributors were from $40,433 in local sales tax receipts, $13,172 in local beer tax and $1,591 in property tax receipts.

Spending approximately $2,637 for ball fields was approved at   Barnes Area Park and approximately $1,200 for bags of clay, plus paying a delivery fee at the park.

A proposal to have city ordinances revised was also passed during the meeting. Aldermen Spencer Smith and Jason Sherman voted yes and Paul Van Manen passed on the measure to spend $3,500 with the University of Tennessee Municipal Technical Advisory Service to do the work.

City Recorder Mary Prier said it would really help if they could get the work done because beer, beautification and dog ordinances have been amended frequently, people studying the ordinances sometimes have difficulty understanding what the changes mean.

With the board approval, Ardmore will go on a list of other cities awaiting similar reviews.