Updated 2/21/20

Substitute Teacher salary was discussed during the Giles County School Board work session last night (Thursday).

Acting School Director Vickie Beard told the board substitute teachers receive $68 a day and it is very hard to find a retired teacher to accept this amount.

Substitute teachers are required to attend a training class plus a background check.

The board approved to move this policy to second reading on March 5th board meeting.

Other policies sent to the March 5th meeting was Risk Management, Field Trips and Excursions and Graduation activities.

Board approved to make changes to the schools vacation and holidays policy to add Veteran's Day to the calendar.

Policies on Commercial advertising on school buses was tabled by the board along with safety doors at four schools until bids were opened.

ELA Curriculum Overview for grades kindergarten through fifth grade was presented to the board during the 5 p.m. meeting.

English Language Arts (or ELA) class is where your child will take part in reading, writing, listening, speaking, and viewing activities. Student lessons are structured so that all students are talking about books, writing about books, and exploring their world and other world's through good adolescent literature.

The next school board meeting will be March 5th at the Central Office.