Updated 2/24/20

Lewisburg residents are worried after one of the city's fire halls shut down last week due to staffing issues.

The mayor confirmed the closing and also confirmed the city is in a budget crisis.

Mayor Jim Bingham heard concerns, but assured there is no threat to public safety.

“In no way would we risk the safety and well-being of our citizens. But this is not the first time, this happens occasionally,” he says.

He said the closing happened because someone called out sick and another person was on vacation and the city could not afford to bring in others and pay overtime.

Bingham reported the city is struggling financially because they simply have spent more money than they had.

Bingham said when they first discovered the financial problems, they declared a hiring freeze, which is part of the reason they can't be fully staffed.

The State Comptroller's Office mandated they make the necessary decisions and changes to get their finances in order and he promises the city will get out of this situation.

He says the West Side Fire Station is back open and that citizens do not need to worry.