Updated 3/16/20

An order filed in The Supreme Court of Tennessee is suspending all in-person Court proceedings due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

This becomes effective at the close of business Friday through Tuesday, March 31st.

Per this order, Giles County Circuit Court office will be closed. 

The staff and clerk will be in the office conducting business as usual, other than have “person to person” contact.

The Circuit Judges' have also met and anticipate clearing of their calendars for April 1st through April 3rd to facilitate hearings on order of protections and/or motions which have now been continued.

Circuit Court Clerk Natalie B. Oakley said her office will still answer phone calls, filings can be submitted via fax 931-424-4790 or email.

The west side basement entrance will be the only entrance into the Giles County Courthouse where deputies will b e allowing those persons who need to conduct business at the NON Court offices.

Oakley said they will have a drop box at this entrance that she will check periodically.

All other cases, we will reset to the respective date in April.