Updated 3/24/20

In a press release by Sheriff Kyle Helton on Monday it stated the Sheriff’s Office will continue to uphold the laws of the State of Tennessee, provide patrol, maintain security in our jail, and investigate local crimes.

Deputies are taking measures in order to manage communicable diseases and protect themselves as well as the public. We are coordinating with all local law enforcement agencies, in order to keep them informed on our current inmate admittance screening process.

As a proactive measure and in an effort to reduce face to face interactions, we are handling non-priority calls differently.

The 9-1-1 Call Center will assess each situation as it comes in. Deputies will triage all calls.

Citizens will be contacted by phone for incidents that do not require immediate officers’ presence, or non-violent calls, and may require a report. If you have any concern(s) that require you to contact any members of the Sheriff’s Department, call (931) 363-3505.