Updated: 3/25/20

 Giles County Schools will be offering FREE BREAKFAST AND LUNCH until the regular school schedule resumes.  Giles County Schools want to ease the burden on families by offering a week of meals in 2 pickup days and daily at Bus Drop Offs. Daily bus drop off routes will begin March 30.  See below for specific time and locations.  School site will serve Breakfast and Lunch from 10:00 – 12:00 PM

Monday                                                                                               Thursday

Meals for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday                    Meals for Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday    

March 30                                                                                               April 2

April 6                                                                                                   April 9

April 13                                                                                                 April 16

April 20                                                                                                 April 23


Bus Routes will be Monday thru Friday weekdays starting Monday March 30

Route #1                                              Times                                    Route #2

Creekside                                            11:00 am                              Spofford/East Cemetery              11:00 am

Hidden Valley Apts                               11:07 am                              305 S. 3rd Street Park                 11:04 am             

Washington Heights                             11:17 am                              Garden Meadows 2 stops             11:11 am

Kids Korner                                         11:27 am                              902 Murray                                11:19 am

621 Victoria                                         11:35 am                              900,912 Kathleen Parks              11:22 am

417 Childers Street                               11:35 am                              1810 Vales Mill Park                   11:32 am             

Tabitha Trail Park                                 11:43 am                              Country Side Apts                      11:43 am

117 Poling Drive                                   11:50 am                              Tanglewood 3 stops                   11:50 am

Pams Parkway Park                               11:58 am                            

211, 219, 516 Mitchell Street                  12:05 am


School Locations

Elkton Elementary School -side door on the front of the school at the cafeteria

Minor Hill Elementary – Outside Cafeteria Door on Front of School

Pulaski Elementary- PK drop off area

Richland Elementary- bus drop off back door


A drive through lane will be set up at each location listed.  Those visiting via car must stay in your car and take advantage of the drive through service.  Families without access to a vehicle may walk up to the distribution area to pick up their meals.  Please be mindful of social distancing during this time. 

  • Meals are available for ANY child 18 years or below.
  • Children must be present in order to receive meals.
  • Children may go to any feeding site to eat.
  • Children do not have to be enrolled in Giles County Schools in order to eat.


This is an equal opportunity provider.