Updated 3/26/20

Tennessee State Parks remain open and free of charge for outdoor recreation as officials continue to monitor the impact of coronavirus in Tennessee.

Time outdoors is proven to relieve stress and improve mental and physical health and is a way to maintain social distance. Local and state parks are useful destinations to find solitude in nature and enjoy the outdoors for solo adventurers and small groups alike.

“Many folks in Giles County and across Tennessee are going through a stressful time right now, and being outside can help relieve some of that stress and improve our overall well-being,” TDEC Deputy Commissioner Jim Bryson said. “At our State Parks, Tennesseans are able to find solace and joy in nature without compromising good public health practices.”

Parks are taking recommended precautions to provide a safe environment for staff and visitors, while recognizing the need to practice self-care both mentally and physically.

Tennessee State Parks encourages visitors to follow guidance provided by the CDC and the Tennessee Department of Health, and to use discretion based on personal health needs.