Updated 3/26/20

Zoning violations were discussed during the Pulaski Board of Mayor and Alderman's meeting.

The board discussed zoning violations concerning accessory structures in residential front yards.

City Administrator Terry Harrison described the circumstances of a disabled Pulaski resident in violation of this code and suggested accommodations be made for disabled citizens and be decided on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the chief building official.

The board approved Harrison’s recommendation.

The board was given an update from City Attorney Andy Hoover on the progress he and local attorney Colby Baddour are making relative to a proposed amendment to city ordinance 8-212.

Hoover said he and Baddour removed the verbiage “intoxicating beverages” from the ordinance, to only allow for beer consumption. He added there will be more to discuss on the topic at the board’s next work session, set for Monday, April 6th.

The board adopted a resolution awarding the bid for Lot 5 development to Doss Brothers Construction and authorized advertisement for bids for a camera for the sewer system.

A contract with Odyssey Advisors for actuarial services for the city’s pension play was approved.

The topic of grandfather policy concerning livestock ownership within city limits was added to the agenda for the next work session.