Updated 6/2/20

The Tennessee Department of Agriculture (TDA) is warning livestock producers in Giles County about a potential scam.
Several  cattle farmers have recently been contacted by a person or persons indicating they want to buy cattle. The supposed buyer reaches out via text, claiming that a cashier’s check will be sent as payment with money added for shipping, and that the seller should contact the buyer once the payment is received.
If the seller indicates they won’t accept a cashier’s check, the conversation ends.
Good practices to prevent being scammed include researching the potential buyer online before agreeing to a transaction and resisting pressure to act immediately on a sale or purchase.
Consumers should be wary of offers to pay over the purchase price, even if there seems to be a valid reason. This tactic is common in check cashing scams.
If you suspect a crime has been committed, contact the Agricultural Crime Unit at 844-242-7463.