Updated 6/3/20

The Pulaski Board of Mayor and Alderman discussed how residents can have a peaceful protest lawfully during a work session this week.
The discussion was from cities across the country seeing non-violent protests turn violent after the death of George Floyd.
From circulating rumors on social media, Alderman Vicky Harwell wanted to clarify to the public how they can lawfully protest in the city of Pulaski.
City Administrator Terry Harrison said protests on the Square in downtown Pulaski, located on city property, would require the authorization of a parade permit due to the city’s restrictive parade ordinance.
Harrison reminded the board that the city does not require a parade permit in public parks, so protesters may peacefully gather on city park property. Demonstrators are lawfully permitted to assemble on private property only with the property owner’s permission.
“The only groups we have had any contact with are local people who are wanting to have peaceful demonstrations,” Harrison said.
The board ended the discussion recommending citizens to demonstrate in a lawful manner.