Updated 6/26/20

The 2020-2021 budget was approved by the Giles County Commissioners during the Thursday meeting.
Commissioners also passed the tax levy where the county tax rate will stay the same at 2.8247.
Prior to the Thursday meeting, County Executive Melissa Greene reminded the commissioner about the County Clerk drive-thru at the Annex.
Greene also talked about the Coke Rewards program for schools and gave an update on Covid-19.
During the meeting, Commissioner Erin Curry gave an update on the Census in Giles County.
EDC Director David Hamilton told the commissioner that Giles County had an unemployment rate of 19.7% in April compared to 4.2% in March.
Before approving the budget, the first vote was on the Appropriations to Nonprofit Charitable Organizations.
Commissioner Gayle Jones asked funds for the Chamber of Tourism and Commerce to be eliminated.
Jones said they are globalists who support open borders, but the vote failed 2 to 19.
Commissioner Curry offered a second amendment to only fund the Fire & Rescue Squad and the libraries as was originally recommended by County Executive and the Financial Management Director to the Budget Committee.
Curry said the other charitable could be added back in with budget amendments later in the year after they have a better idea of the impact Covid-19 has on the revenues.
In the budget, Curry said the County department heads had to cut 15% of their budgets including some positions. Her amendment failed 8-13.
Nonprofit Charitable Organizations included in the 2020-2021 budget are Giles County Rescue Squad, $100,000; Giles County Veterans Alliance, $1,000; Giles County Child Development Center, $1,000; New Canaan Ranch, $1,000; Betterway House, $1,000; The Pouring Spot, $1,000; Boys and Girls Club, $1,000; Senior Citizens, $10,000; Giles County Public Library, $161,756; Ardmore Public Library, $3650; Minor Hill Library, $1854;Campbellsville Community Library, $1400; Giles County Chamber of Tourism and Commerce $15,000; Industrial Development Board, $5,000; City of Minor Hill, $20,540; which totals $325,000 total in non-profit organization.