Updated 6/29/20

The Tennessee Department of Health did not issue data on COVID-19 cases and tests on Sunday, due to an unplanned shutdown of the state surveillance system.
TDH will resume daily provision of case counts and additional data once the system returns to full functionality and complete and accurate data can be provided.
TDH uses the National Electronic Disease Surveillance System Base System, known as NBS, developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to help local, state, and territorial health departments manage reportable disease data and send it to CDC.
This system houses data for all reportable diseases in Tennessee, including COVID-19, and is the system health department staff members use to perform public health case investigations.
Due to an extremely high volume of both COVID-19 and other laboratory test results being reported, there have been recent intermittent backlogs of labs in the queue to be imported into the NBS system.
This issue is not unique to Tennessee and is affecting all NBS jurisdictions. The TDH team has been working closely with the NBS vendor and Tennessee State Government information technology support to quickly implement fixes that have been identified.
Due to the ongoing backlog and this unplanned shutdown, a limited number of COVID-19 test results were imported into NBS in the last 24 hours.
TDH did not release updated COVID-19 numbers Sunday since the data are incomplete. This will also affect metropolitan health department partners and data updates today (Monday).