Updated 6/29/20

The Giles County School System staff and administration presented an opening date for schools to be August 3rd to the board during a meeting last week.
A detailed plan for re-opening schools could not be presented because scenarios locally and statewide changing frequently.
More information is expected and the board will consider the plan at its next work session.
Giles County Assistant Director of Schools Keith Stacey said they were going to have schools open and it would be our hope that students will come back.
Stacey emphasized that they want as many students in their buildings face-to-face with their teachers as normally as possible.
Results of a recent survey by the school system indicate that most Giles County students are very likely to return to physical attendance in schools, but there are also some students who will not.
In that case, Stacey said virtual, or remote, learning will be made available by the school system.
All students, whether they go to virtual school or come to school, will be required to be in school for 180 instructional days for 6.5 hours per day.
The Giles County School System is preparing to enter the 2020-21 school year on August 3rd.
Stacey said the 73 percent response rate to the survey by parents in Giles County has made it possible for the school system to put together a plan. He commended those who have responded and reminded those who have not they can still do so.
School system staff and administration presented other considerations and plans for students under all models in the areas of academics, learning gap analysis, student and teacher evaluation, parent engagement, social and emotional health, professional training, and more.