Updated 6/30/20

Administrators expressed to the Giles County School Board last week that the key to having students learning in a face-to-face environment includes reconfiguring layouts and schedules to provide as much social distancing as is reasonably possible.
According to Assistant Director of Schools Keith Stacey, they  want to emphasize to the parents that when they send their students to school this fall they come under control.
“I know they have been missing one another during the summer and want to high five, hug one another and embrace, but we have to control their movements in the hallway and that control is not all on the shoulders of principals and teachers. Our students are going to have to behave in a way that helps us be able to pull off some of these socially distant things,” said Stacey.
Cleaning protocols will be in place at all schools. Students will be expected to wash their hands regularly and signage will be used throughout the school buildings.
Stations to monitor health and scan temperatures will be set up for everyone entering schools and the number of visitors in schools will be limited.
If someone becomes sick on campus, isolation areas will be provided along with protective equipment. From that point appropriate steps will be taken, Stacey said.
Stacey said for bus transportation it is the student’s choice whether to ride the bus or not.
Those who do will have assigned seats and will be required to keep their personal items and devices stowed away.