Updated 7/2/20

Ardmore Farmers Market will open within the next few weeks as local vegetables become available.
The farmer's market will be open any day of the week, but most farmers come on Saturdays.
"Only home-grown vegetables, handmade crafts, homemade bread, and baked goods can be brought to the market for sale. No yard sale items or items purchased for resale are allowed," said Paul Van Manen, Ardmore Alderman, and overseer of the market.
The Tennessee Department of Agriculture requires vendors to have hand sanitizer or disinfectant wipes at their booths. They encourage vendors to disinfect their hands and payment machines after each transaction.
If any vendor shows signs of illness, they must leave the premises immediately and contact their doctor.
As the nation works to slow the spread of COVID-19, farmer's markets remain vital to ensure a safe and steady supply of fresh and local foods.
Farmer's market operators must do their part to protect the health of the public and vendors.
The Ardmore Farmers Market is located beside the Tennessee Annex building behind Burger King in Ardmore.