Updated 7/6/20

Officers in the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department has reported they have a meth problem.
Sheriff John Myers said that methamphetamine creates 95% of the crime in the county.
Not only do people buy and sell meth, but Sheriff Myers said criminals steal and rob and commit any number of crimes against citizens to get money to buy it.
To combat this scourge, Lawrence County deputies often patrol in an area known by Sheriff Myers as ‘the Meth Triangle.’
It is an area stretching between Hohenwald in Lewis County to Mount Pleasant in Maury County to Summertown in Lawrence County.
Last week, deputies were doing proactive traffic enforcement in the triangle just outside Summertown when deputies stopped 33-year-old James Richard Brown II for a traffic violation.
The sheriff said Brown reportedly got out of his car with a handful of meth and tried to hide it in his pants. Deputy Eric Caperton saw this and made the arrest.
When Deputy Caperton searched the suspect’s car, he found more meth, totaling 45 grams and approximately $2,600 in what the sheriff calls drug proceeds.
Sheriff Myers said meth is the most common drug they see and is the most addictive drug they have had in this area in a long time.