Updated 7/10/20

Giles County Mayor Melissa Greene spoke to the citizens in an interview with WKSR Thursday to announce she would not be issuing a mask mandate, but rather, continued to encourage the use of masks.
As of Thursday,  80 people had been diagnosed with COVID-19 in the county. On June 9th, just one month earlier, the number was 18 who had tested positive for COVID-19.
Governor Lee recently issued an executive order giving county mayors the authority to issue mask mandates.
Greene said with much thought, deliberation and consultation with leaders in the county that have been at the forefront in guiding decisions throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, she decided that wearing masks will not be mandated in Giles County.
While it is not mandated to wear masks in the county, Greene recommends and encourages citizens to wear masks in public settings and situations where social distancing cannot be practiced.
Greene said when you wear a mask that is exactly what you are doing, looking out for your fellow citizens and family members.
COVID 19 remains an ever-changing situation for the nation.
The Mayor's Office will continue to monitor the local situation and make decisions accordingly and recommends that all citizens follow the CDC guidelines of practicing good hygiene and social distancing.