Updated 7/15/20

The Giles County Commission will meet Monday in the County Boardroom at the Giles County Courthouse.

Reports for May 2020 from the Finance Director are on the agenda from the Giles  County Finance Director, which includes the Giles County  General  Fund,  Drug Fund, Highway Department, School System, Federal, Food  Service, Debt Service, Capital Projects, Highway Capital  Projects, and Education.

Development Director David  Hamilton will address the commission with an EDC update.

Other reports to be considered are the Giles  County  Highway Quarterly Report, Giles County Extension  Service Report, Giles County Sheriff's Department Annual Report, Giles County Trustee Investments Report, Giles County Trustee Report, the Tennessee Comptroller of the Treasury acknowledgment of receipt of a certified copy of the fiscal year2021 budget and the  Giles County Financial Management Policies and Procedures Manual.

Also, commissioners will authorize the approval of a  surety bond for Giles County Finance Director Beth  Moore-Sumners.