Updated 7/29/20

A Lawrenceburg man is planning to ride 500 miles in September to raise $1,000 for Children's Cancer Research during the 6th Annual Great Cycle Challenge USA.
This will be the third year, Clay Knisley will participate in the program and in previous years he has ridden a total of 2,270 miles and raised over $7,000.
Founded in 2015, the Great Cycle Challenge has grown to become one of the biggest cycling events in the country.
In just 5 years, over 230,000 riders from 50 states have ridden 18 million miles and raised more than $24 million for research and the development of better treatments and cures for childhood cancer.
To learn more about Knisley's great cycle challenge and to make a donation, visit GREATCYCLECHALLENGE.COM/RIDERS/CLAYKNISLEY .