Updated 7/29/20

When it comes to school safety, the danger is not limited to school buildings, drivers need to think about our roads.
Buses in Giles County will begin rolling on county roads on August 3rd when students go back to school.
Tennessee Highway Patrol officers say drivers blowing past stopped school buses are putting kids at danger.
Giles County has a fleet of 58 School Buses of which 48 are on routes running twice a day.
Local buses cover approximately 3,764 miles daily which totals 677,520 miles in one school year on bus routes which excludes Special Needs Routes and School Trips.
THP and local law enforcement will be focusing on traffic safety in and around school zones as they have done in the past.
The officers say if a driver does not stop for a bus with its red lights flashing, they will be charged to the fullest extent.