Updated 8/3/20

The local extension office is aware that Tennessee citizens are receiving seeds in the mail from other countries that were not ordered.
Imported plant materials including seeds go through rigorous testing and inspection to ensure they are not carrying any plant disease or pests and do not pose any threat to the environment and health.
Giles County Extension Agent Kevin Rose said in a statement that he had received several phone calls last week concerning seeds that were not ordered in the mail.
Rose said this could be a potential problem if folks just toss the seeds without properly disposing of them.
"It is very important that these seeds are disposed of properly. We do not need to introduce anything that could be detrimental down the road," said Rose.
The Tennessee Department of Agriculture is working with partners at USDA's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) to determine what should be done with these seeds.
For additional information call the Giles County Extension Office at 931-363-3523.